Use Timeless Photos To Showcase Your Favorite Adventures

Timely vs. Timeless

Last fall, this blog featured a living space that showcased photos taken during the State Fair of Texas (which is simply the best state fair in these United States, but we digress).

Those photos told a timely story of what it was like to attend the 2017 fair.

It's the type of post that gathers interest in the time of year (autumn) that the fair is held. But some might not really consider it as relevant at other times and not be interested in visiting it.

How Giraffes Drink

With that in mind, we have created a new evergreen showcase space - one that does not become dated soon after publication.

That means including photographs and an accompanying story that are timeless.

Hopefully it will be one that people will want to see whenever they happen to discover it.

A Little Background

Recently our family took a once in a lifetime (probably) trip to Africa, where we visited South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

This Is a Termite Mound. Be Very Afraid.

The junket was organized by Road Scholar, which seeks to inspire adults to learn, discover and travel.

It offers more than 5000 learning adventures in 150 countries and all 50 states, and serves more than 100,000 participants per year.

The trip we selected was "African Safari: A Close-up on Wildlife," a 15-day, 14-night adventure in which we and fifteen other people

  • stayed at hotels and game lodges in three different countries,
  • took more than a dozen open-air game drives at all times of the day and night
  • observed and experienced unique cultural activities
  • ate amazing food that we didn't even know existed
  • got up close and personal with lions, elephants, giraffes, and more
  • felt the spray from Victoria Falls, one of the world's great natural wonders
  • learned about termites, animal social behavior and the local history and geography

Between two SLR cameras and two smartphones, we took more than 1500 photographs to document our experience.

Sharing Our Favorite Photos

The Southern Africa Showcase 2017 living space (seen below at right) feature seventeen of our favorite pictures from the trip.

Southern Africa Showcase Living Space View #1

Included are a mix of animal photos, landscape shots and pictures of the general surroundings we encountered.

We have so many good images to share that we plan to update the living space regularly.

By doing so, we want to make it much like a real art gallery, with rotating exhibitions.

We know that many of you have exciting pictures of vacations or other family activities that you could showcase in a similar way.

Southern Africa Showcase Living Space View #2

Southern Africa Showcase Living Space View #2

It is our sincere hope that this article inspires you do to sign up for a free Egowall account and do exactly that.

Once you have created it (them?), share the link(s) for your showcase(s) in the comments below and on other social media platforms.

It's time to let the whole world see The Real You™.

We hope you will visit our Southern Africa showcase now and again in the future to tell us which photos are your favorites. Please leave comments on the pictures when you drop by.

If you have any questions about the trip itself, just leave a public note or private message in the space and we will be happy to get back in touch with you.

And if you're interested in a different way of exploring the world around you - especially areas that you likely would never otherwise see, we recommend that you check out the offerings at Road Scholar.

NOTE: We have no business relationship with Road Scholar and were not compensated in any way for the comments and recommendations included in this post. We just think they have a great product and treat their customers very well.

Instagram Makes It Easier To Discover Your Favorite Things

In case you missed it, Instagram recently made a significant change to its app that could have a big impact - a positive one - on how you interact with your favorite content providers.

Instagram users can now more easily follow a specific topic they're interested in by following hashtags. Users will still be able to follow accounts as before.

The upgrade is aimed to help you "discover more posts from the interests and communities you care about," Instagram said in a release following the December 2017 update.

It's now easier for Instagram users to discover photos, videos, and People relevant to their passions.

How to Follow Hashtags

Here's how to use the Instagram app to follow a hashtag:

1) Tap on any hashtag in the app that interests you - whether it appears in your feed or you locate it via the search function.

2) At the top of the resulting hashtag landing page, tap on the "Follow" button. Several examples are shown below.

Once you follow a specific hashtag, the Instagram algorithm will pick and choose posts that feature that hashtag and display them in your feed, in Instagram Stories, and in the Following section of your profile.

The image below at right is an example of what a photo from a followed hashtag looks like.

You can unfollow a hashtag at any time.

To do so, simply tap the hashtag and then tap on the Following button.

Put More Egowall In Your Feeds

Here is a list of some of the most commonly used hashtags in Egowall's Instagram feed:

  • #betherealyou

  • #videogame

  • #decor

  • #gamedev

  • #3d

  • #furniture

  • #contemporary

  • #retro

  • #scifi

  • #kids

We invite you to follow any or all of these hashtags to increase the probability of our content - we post at least one each day - appearing in your Instagram feed and Instagram Stories bar.

And as always, you can sign up for a free account today and start using Egowall to Be The Real You™.

See you on Instagram! Will you see us too?

Shining the Light On This Year's State Fair Memories

We weren't able to get back to you by early October with this post as we had promised, so we're definitely sorry about that.

'Nuff Said

'Nuff Said

But we hope the end result of that delay turns out to be worth it for you.

Keep reading to find out why.

Our first trip this year to the State Fair of Texas was during the middle of the day. The photographic opportunities are quite different in daylight than later in the day.

So we made a second trip to Dallas' Fair Park to take in the Fair the late afternoon and evening.

Last year's State Fair of Texas Gallery site was a customized Urban Gallery space.

This year we chose a smaller, somewhat more intimate space - an Urban Studio where you can basically stand in the center of the space and see every one of the available images.

All of this year's images are different from last year's photographs and include a mix of photos taken during our two visits.

Collectively, they provide you with some idea of the wide tapestry of sights available to fairgoers.

Fair Park's Hall of State and Esplanade

As much fun as it is, the fair only (!) lasts for 24 days each year.

And the 2017 edition of the great State Fair of Texas is now in the books and more than 2 million visitors have returned home with great memories and perhaps a few souvenirs.

But as certainly as the sun rises in the east, Big Tex will rise again and the Fair will be back for another go-round in September 2018.

Do yourself a favor and come to Dallas next fall and take in the sights and sounds of a state fair like no other.

In the meantime, we invite you to create your own photo galleries in Egowall to showcase some of the memorable things you've been doing this year.

Then be sure to share them with your friends so that everyone you know can learn more about The Real You™.

Our State Fair Is A Great State Fair

State Fair of Texas Logo 2017.png

This Friday - September 29 - is a big day in Texas.

On that date the State Fair of Texas returns to Fair Park for its annual 24-day smorgasbord of food, rides and games, food, music and live entertainment, food, sports, food, livestock and well, food.

And while eating at the Fair remains a meat-lover's dream scenario, vegans and vegetarians have a number of delectable options available as well.

The mission statement of the Fair is to "celebrate all things Texan by promoting agriculture, education, and community involvement through quality entertainment in a family-friendly environment."

The Fair has been a Dallas tradition since 1886 and draws more than two million visitors each year from all around the country.

One of our most popular blog posts in 2016 focused on the Urban Gallery living space that we converted into a showcase for photos we took during several visits to the Fair.

We plan to do the same this year and will share those photos in a blog post here in early October.

We love photography and we REALLY love the great State Fair Of Texas, where there are many opportunities to create art that we want others to see.

We want to again illustrate one of the many ways you can use Egowall to share the real you with your friends and family.

And as far as our State Fair goes, we think that Rodgers and Hammerstein got it exactly right.

9 Things To Do With Your Favorite Photos

Egowall users get access to sixteen unique living spaces and hundreds of furniture objects to decorate them with.

But what REALLY sets them apart from everyone else's spaces are your memories, as represented by the photos and other digital images you showcase within them.

So for today's blog post, we want to summarize nine things that you can do with photos and images in Egowall.

(1) Add Photos and Images From Your Computer

Containers Store Up to Fifty Photos or Images

Import up to 50 photos (.jpg or .png) from your computer or any external drive - including your smartphone - into each multimedia storage object / container.

There is no limit on the number of containers you can have.

This means that you can import as many photos as you like and organize them in whatever way you prefer.

Detailed instructions on how to do this are available.


(2) Display Photos and Images

After importing your pictures into containers, you can display them in any room of any living space in two different ways:

Custom frames are special photo objects onto which you can drag a photo or image. The following custom photo frames are currently available:

  • Single Frame (Desktop)

  • Single Frame (Wall; various colors)

  • 3-Photo Multiframes (horizontal and vertical)

  • 3-Photo Desktop Multiframes

  • 4-Photo Multiframes (square)

  • 5-Photo Multiframes (horizontal and vertical)

  • 8-Photo Multiframes


(3) Change the Frame

When initially placed on a wall, photos and images are assigned a default frame - Contemporary Black Metal.

At any time after that you can change the standard picture frame to any of the following color and material options (seen in the image at right):

Changing a Photo Frame

  • Light Wood

  • White Plastic

  • Tan Plastic

  • Red Plastic

  • Orange Plastic

  • Black Plastic

  • Stripe Material

  • Light Metal

  • Contemporary Brown Metal

  • Contemporary Black Metal

  • No Frame


(4) Scale the Photos / Images and Frames

Much like scalable furniture objects, photos and images that are placed in standard frames can be resized. There are two types of scaling available:

Scaling a Photo/Image - Before and After

  1. The frame can be scaled horizontally, vertically or in both directions simultaneously.

  2. The image - which by default has a white matte, can be resized so that it fills the frame.


(5) Rotate The Photo or Image

Again, in a manner similar to what can be done to furniture objects, placed photos and images can be rotated on a wall.

Of course, unlike furniture objects, pictures can only be rotated on a single axis.


(6) Move or Reposition The Photo or Image

Don't like where you placed the picture? Change it.

It's easy to move any object in Egowall - including photos and other images - to another place in the same room.

Want to move it to another room or living space? Well, that takes just a bit more effort, as we describe in our next item.


(7) Remove Photos or Images From Display

If you want to change the room in which a picture is displayed, the first step is to return the photo or image back to the container where it was originally stored.

The process is identical to that of reboxing a piece of furniture.

Once the photo or image is again in the container, simply go to the new room and repeat the process explained in Step (2) above.


(8) Change Photo / Image Name Or Description

Changing a Photo / Image Description

When initially imported into a container, pictures retain their original file name as the image name, and the description is completely blank.

Provide your site visitors with additional information about the photos and images you have on display - especially to explain why they are meaningful or significant - by changing their names and descriptions.

You can edit the name and description of any photo that you own - whether it is still stored in its container or has been placed in a room.


(9) Like the Photo / Image or Leave Comments

Leaving Comments on a Photo / Image

Part of the fun of looking at photos from your friends is to indicate approval (likes, etc.) and/or leave comments about them.

In Egowall, you can like any placed photo or image or leave feedback about it.

This includes pictures you own as well as those you come across while visitingspaces owned by your connections.

We're sure that once you engage with the game you will find other things that you can do with your best pictures in Egowall.

When you do, please consider sharing them in the comments below, where we are also happy to entertain any questions you may have.

Sign up today for a free account. It's time for you to Be The Real You™.