Shining the Light On This Year's State Fair Memories

We weren't able to get back to you by early October with this post as we had promised, so we're definitely sorry about that.

'Nuff Said

'Nuff Said

But we hope the end result of that delay turns out to be worth it for you.

Keep reading to find out why.

Our first trip this year to the State Fair of Texas was during the middle of the day. The photographic opportunities are quite different in daylight than later in the day.

So we made a second trip to Dallas' Fair Park to take in the Fair the late afternoon and evening.

Last year's State Fair of Texas Gallery site was a customized Urban Gallery space.

This year we chose a smaller, somewhat more intimate space - an Urban Studio where you can basically stand in the center of the space and see every one of the available images.

All of this year's images are different from last year's photographs and include a mix of photos taken during our two visits.

Collectively, they provide you with some idea of the wide tapestry of sights available to fairgoers.

Fair Park's Hall of State and Esplanade

As much fun as it is, the fair only (!) lasts for 24 days each year.

And the 2017 edition of the great State Fair of Texas is now in the books and more than 2 million visitors have returned home with great memories and perhaps a few souvenirs.

But as certainly as the sun rises in the east, Big Tex will rise again and the Fair will be back for another go-round in September 2018.

Do yourself a favor and come to Dallas next fall and take in the sights and sounds of a state fair like no other.

In the meantime, we invite you to create your own photo galleries in Egowall to showcase some of the memorable things you've been doing this year.

Then be sure to share them with your friends so that everyone you know can learn more about The Real You™.

16 Unique Living Spaces. Unlimited Ways To Show Your Passions.

As we detail on our web page, Egowall lets you

  • explore and interact within your own virtual world and with those of other people

  • create and decorate your spaces (i.e., virtual homes) using 3D furniture, decorations and your own photos

  • earn points by inviting your friends to join and then interacting with them in the game

Mountain Lot Living Space

Mountain Lot Living Space

All of this game play occurs within instances of the sixteen unique living spaces available to all Egowall users.

One of them - the Mountain Lot (seen at right) - is provided at no charge to all Egowall customers.

The others are available for purchase within the game using Ego Points (EP), which can be either earned through game actions or purchased from our store.

The table below provides a list of all of the spaces, along with size / cost information for each.

Living Space Name Theme Description Sq. Ft. Rooms Cost (EP)
Urban Gallery Contemporary City Gallery 11350 8 900
Mountain Modern Gallery Contemporary Mountain Gallery 14631 2 800
Beach Bungalow Contemporary Beach House 2081 2 500
Great Hall Castle Castle 3612 2 900
Orbital Deck SciFi SciFi 1 2544 1 600
Space Crew Quarters SciFi SciFi 2 1487 1 850
Tea House Retro Japanese 951 1 400
Outdoor Sandbox General Sandbox 1 54800 1 100
Mountain Lot Contemporary Starter Home 1 4543 2 500
Studio Lot Contemporary Starter Home 2 4184 1 400
Urban Studio Contemporary Starter Home 3 4184 1 400
Empty Urban Lot General Sandbox 4 6330 1 2000
Space Captain's Quarters SciFi SciFi 3 3000 2 1150
In Remembrance General Memorial 1 10736 1 800
Contemporary Showroom Contemporary Shop 1 4275 1 400
Contemporary Showroom 2 Contemporary Shop 2 6186 1 400

Each living space comes furnished with a default set of furniture items chosen specifically for the space's theme and room layout.

You then personalize the living spaces with other furniture objects, décor items, picture frames and media storage containers filled with your own photo memories.

The customize the overall appearance of the space by changing the colors and materials for the walls, floors, and ceilings. No two Egowall living spaces ever need to look alike.

And if you want ultimate flexibility, use our Outdoor Sandbox space and our expansive set of construction assets to build your own space or creative structure.

To get a sense of what the Egowall living spaces are like, just scroll through the gallery below to see floor plans and screenshots for each one.

Now you can go sign up for a free Egowall account and use one or more of these spaces to tell everyone about your interests and accomplishments.

Then come back here and let us know about your creation(s) so we can celebrate the ways in which you have shown The Real You to the world.

The Moon and Sky Are NOT The Limit

If you are a photographer and want a unique way to showcase your passion for taking pictures, we have a couple of terrific terrestrial spaces that are perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

But if you also have an affinity for outer space and science fiction, we have an even better living space example - one whose screen capture was our most popular Instagram post for the week of August 22-28, 2016.

The Moon Gallery (seen at right) is one of eight Public Spaces currently featured on the Egowall landing page.

First, a little background ...

By default, a living space can only be visited by another member of Egowall.

But you can make any space public so that it can seen by people who have not yet signed up for a free account.

Anyone using a web browser can enter a public space you share.

Now, back to our story ...

Moon Gallery started life as a basic Space Crew Quarters, the smallest of our SciFi-themed living spaces. 

We subsequently turned it into a shrine for a forgotten (by some) period of United States space travel by adding more than two dozen photos of our closest cosmic neighbor - many of which were taken by NASA astronauts themselves.

And then we made it public so that anyone could see it.

Of course, you could start with the same type of space (or one of the other SciFi spaces) and create a totally different sort of commemoration - perhaps for your favorite science fiction television series or movie.

We invite you to visit the Moon Gallery space and check it out for yourself. Think about what you could create to share your particular passions using a service like Egowall.

The sky's the limit.

So to speak.

Interior View of the Moon Gallery Public Space

We're posting images like this one daily on Instagram (and Pinterest) to help bring them to a broader audience.

Check out any of the resources mentioned above to see more just like them. And be sure to follow us on Instagram to see each day's image when it is posted.

Then share your favorite(s) on Instagram and on your other social networks.

Sign up for a free account and start documenting some memories with Egowall.

Galleries R Us

Check out our Unity-based social networking platform to see what you can do with Egowall. Then sign up for a free account and start using it to be The Real You™.

Egowall currently includes sixteen different living spaces in several themes in which you can showcase your life and accomplishments.

This is the first of a series of posts which will provide more detailed information about those spaces to help you make a decision regarding which one to select.

Today, we showcase our gallery spaces - the Mountain Modern Gallery and the Urban Gallery.

Check out their specifics and then click on the accompanying video preview or example public space links to see them up close. One of them could be right for you.

Mountain Modern Gallery

Theme: Contemporary

Rooms: 2

Square Footage: 14631

Cost: 800 Ego Points

Default Entry: Gallery

Mountain Modern Gallery - Office

Mountain Modern Gallery - Office


Expansive rural space for showcasing photographs and other works of art.

Large picture windows provide ample natural light; includes Office area for management staff.

Video Preview

Example Public Space

Mountain Modern Gallery - Floor Plan

Mountain Modern Gallery - Floor Plan

Urban Gallery

Theme: Contemporary

Rooms: 8

Square Footage: 11350

Cost: 900 Ego Points

Default Entry: Gallery 1

Urban Gallery - Interior (Gallery 1)

Urban Gallery - Interior (Gallery 1)


Large urban space divided into five galleries for displaying multiple art and photography collections.

Includes kitchen, office and balcony spaces.

Video Preview

Example Public Space


Urban Gallery - Floor Plan

Urban Gallery - Floor Plan