Egowall Has a New Landing Page

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Release 2.3 of Egowall incorporates a brand new landing page (, which is shown below.

The new Egowall landing page is designed to help educate potential customers at a glance what Egowall is about and to make it easy for them to register for the service.

 Let’s take a look at some of the elements of the revamped page:

       A – A streamlined login for current Egowall customers
       B  Image that illustrate detailed decorations of Egowall home; the image above shows a fully decorated room, with furniture, pictures on the wall, photo containers on the floor, along with games for entertainment
       C – A simple question is asked, and the call-to-action to find out the answer is right next door
       D – Three succinct boxes succinctly present the unique selling proposition for Egowall to customers
       E  Easy access to all of Egowall’s social platforms

 If you are not currently an Egowall customer, we’re especially interested in your feedback on the new landing page.

Does it do a sufficient job in explaining what Egowall is about? Is it intriguing? Please let us know your thoughts on this topic or anything about Egowall via our feedback page at