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Today there are more than 350 social networking sites, offering us opportunities to edit and define who we are, and how we live, and how we communicate. Most social networking sites focus on the present moment. As the day goes by, yesterday becomes immaterial. The past is lost somewhere between blogging and micro-blogging.

People have thousands of photos and records stored across these social sites with little or no organization. There are gigs upon gigs of data containing pictures and files: stored, but seldom accessed, because there isn’t really a simple and easy way to display them. No one can share the past they really cherish, because retrieving that past means digging through these piles of data. There is less and less time, as it were, to go back in time.

Egowall brings the old days and old values to the forefront of modern living with cutting edge technology while allowing to people to modernize the way we live and communicate. Egowall focuses on portraying real people using real objects and events such as achievements and memorabilia, creating a personal identity and a well-earned sense of self importance.

One may say, “Why the focus on Ego?” We believe Ego is important aspect of life. We need a healthy, self-aware Ego. Egowall allows this to occur, and focuses on a proper Ego brought about by portraying the real you. You are who you are. Let your friends and family know who you really are. Allow new friends to come into your life; when they do, they meet the authentic you, the sum of all the parts of your life and history.

To have an ego is usually regarded as a bad thing. As a society, we focus on celebrities: where they go, what they do, their way of life. We are obsessed with other people's lives and spend much time dwelling on them, talking about them, and trying to emulate them. We scoff at those with a big ego. We speak fondly of those who help others, are modest, or are genuine. What we forget is that these are also traits of a big ego. What we also forget is that we too are celebrities. We are the stars of our own stories. Why not portray the real you? Why not create your own sense of self and place, and time? Why not show your inner celebrity, and say proudly to the world, “This is the real me!” is a 3D social platform where people can create, archive and share an authentic reflection of themselves. In Egowall, you create a world that illustrates your taste and imagination. The choices you make, the things you do, and what your Egowall contains shows the real you. It can be a place where it archives your entire personal and family history, your achievements, and other memorabilia. It can be a place where you actually create dynamic spaces and objects. There are no limits to what you can do in Egowall.

Today I may become friends with someone via one of these existing social networks. Who they say they are and what they write - who they appear to be - often creates more distance between us, not less. While my total number of friends on these sites continues to increase, I have hardly gotten to know all these people in my contact list. In Egowall, we believe we are creating an environment in which a person’s work speaks for them much more powerfully than words. As Cicero wrote, esse quam videri – to be, rather than to seem.

I'm very thankful to our beta testers in helping us get further every day in this magnificent journey.  We are just getting started and we have a million miles to go.


Thana B Shagrithaya

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