It's all about performance.

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Earlier this week we started talking about improvements we have made to Egowall. We discussed the changes we implemented to the dynamic assets collision system & it's benefits. Now, we want to show you how we have also polished and improved our assets. These assets reflect real world items - the kind of stuff you want to have in your house so that it can work as a reflection of the real you. These assets have to be drawn, which means that the act of displaying them impacts the graphics card. However, we continue to focus on being intelligent about how and when these high quality assets are used. The furnishings and decorations now have various levels of detail designed to minimize rendering needed by the GPU, while at the same time allowing for a greater number of items in your home. The images below show different levels of detail of a fireplace and a mixer.

This also allows those users with superior graphics card to pick high quality graphics options, which provides an improved graphic experience. Users with average hardware capabilities can run on default - the medium graphics settings. These users can enjoy a good level of graphic detail.

In future releases, we will be incorporating these performance improvements in all home structures (the house at large, the walls, walkways), environmental assets (trees, flowers, terrain), and minigames. Check back with us soon. We will continue to update you on our development of Egowall.