Progress on the Wall

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Since our initial beta release, we have been working to improve our game mechanics and user experience. I want to personally thank our beta testers for their time and feedback; we appreciate it a great deal, and it has been very helpful during our work to bring about a new release of Egowall. We have already begun work on several new features that you will see later on, and there are some bits of feedback we want to address in future releases. For now, though, a new release is coming soon that features several advancements to game play and performance. We think you are going to like them.

Our primary aim has been to improve the game response time and reduce the memory footprint of  the game play. We have also changed our dynamic assets collision system, so you can better interact with and manipulate the environment. The term, “dynamic assets” refers to the resources you use in the game to create a realistic environments, such as furniture and decorations.


In the pictures above, you can see how our old system built on box collision impacts the way the princess tiara sits on the mirror. Instead of hanging down on one of the four corners, it hangs in the air as the box collision stops it from falling down. The new system allows such objects to fall and assume a more realistic posture, as shown.  This will allow users to arrange objects in their homes in much more creative ways.

This is just a taste of the advancements that we have made to the game mechanics. Stay tuned in the coming days for more information about the exciting work we are doing.