March To The Beat Of Your Own Little Drummer Boy

Christmas Tree

Halloween? Over.

Thanksgiving? Done.

But with Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, it’s batten down the hatches, full steam ahead.

Christmas. Coming.

With that most festive season of the year now in our sights, it’s time for our annual blog post that serves to showcase our Christmas furniture and décor items.

With more than two dozen holiday-themed 3D objects waiting to be placed in your favorite Egowall living space(s), we know there is something in this list that you will like:

Royal Guard Nutcracker

Christmas Trees (2): Green (unflocked) and White (flocked)

Gift Boxes (3): Green, Red, and White Snowflake designs

Glass Bowl (1): Holiday motif with a seasonal inscription

Nutcrackers (6): Nutcracker, Royal Guard Nutcracker and Drummer Nutcracker (large and small variants of each style)

Ornaments (6): Green Decorative, Red Snowflake, and Plastic Silver (both small tree ornaments and large yard ornaments of each style)

Poinsettia (2): Red Leaves with Red Bow and White Leaves with Green Bow

Green Steel Runner Sled

Reindeer (1): Wooden

Santa Sleigh (1): Wooden

Sleds (2): Green Steel Runner and Antique Wooden

Stockings (6): Red, Candy Cane, Santa, Snowflake, Snowman and Striped

Several of these Christmas objects can be seen above and at right. Click on any one of them to get an expanded view.

To see these items in use - along with the other holidays items not pictured here - please log in to Egowall and visit our Christmas Ornament Showcase space, seen below.

Interior of Christmas Ornament Showcase Space

Interior of Christmas Ornament Showcase Space

There's still time in this holiday season for you to decorate your living space(s) with some Christmas cheer to beautify your virtual home(s) during this most wonderful time of the year.

Tell YOUR holiday story by marching to the beat of your own little drummer boy.

And after you're done, be sure to share your spaces with your friends, family and colleagues here and on Facebook and Twitter.

Sign up for a free account and Be the Real You™, now and at all times of the year.

🎄 Happy Holidays 🎅 from all of us at Egowall.

Make Your Rooms Smile and Create Fantasy

During our time together in this blog we have primarily focused on discussions about

Photo by from    Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

  1. the living spaces available for purchase,

  2. the furniture items that you can use to decorate the rooms in those spaces, and

  3. the ways that you can manage your favorite photos and other digital assets for displaying them in those rooms.

Furniture fills most of the space in any room - real or virtual. So it stands to reason that there are more furniture items available in the game than any other digital objects.

But a room has to have more to really be - and look - complete. It needs small items spread about to add flavor, warmth, and personality.

That’s a group of furniture items that we don’t think we’ve paid quite enough attention to before now.

So let’s take care of that.

Our furniture catalog includes more than 70 decor items spread across multiple styles, including holiday-themed items for Halloween and Christmas.

Recently, we featured a sampling these items in our daily Instagram feed. We wanted to share a few of our them with you here as well so you can get a look at them.

Once you’ve seen them - and they look great within the game as well - you can get a sense of how you might use them to enhance one (or more) of your living spaces.

Click on any of the panels in the gallery below to see a larger version of the image.

Then visit us at to get and use them for yourself. 

BTW, the title for this post is adapted from a quote by Juan Montoya, the famous Colombian-born architect who specializes in residential interior design.

The full text of the quote: “A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.”

 So very true.

Use Timeless Photos To Showcase Your Favorite Adventures

Timely vs. Timeless

Last fall, this blog featured a living space that showcased photos taken during the State Fair of Texas (which is simply the best state fair in these United States, but we digress).

Those photos told a timely story of what it was like to attend the 2017 fair.

It's the type of post that gathers interest in the time of year (autumn) that the fair is held. But some might not really consider it as relevant at other times and not be interested in visiting it.

How Giraffes Drink

With that in mind, we have created a new evergreen showcase space - one that does not become dated soon after publication.

That means including photographs and an accompanying story that are timeless.

Hopefully it will be one that people will want to see whenever they happen to discover it.

A Little Background

Recently our family took a once in a lifetime (probably) trip to Africa, where we visited South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

This Is a Termite Mound. Be Very Afraid.

The junket was organized by Road Scholar, which seeks to inspire adults to learn, discover and travel.

It offers more than 5000 learning adventures in 150 countries and all 50 states, and serves more than 100,000 participants per year.

The trip we selected was "African Safari: A Close-up on Wildlife," a 15-day, 14-night adventure in which we and fifteen other people

  • stayed at hotels and game lodges in three different countries,
  • took more than a dozen open-air game drives at all times of the day and night
  • observed and experienced unique cultural activities
  • ate amazing food that we didn't even know existed
  • got up close and personal with lions, elephants, giraffes, and more
  • felt the spray from Victoria Falls, one of the world's great natural wonders
  • learned about termites, animal social behavior and the local history and geography

Between two SLR cameras and two smartphones, we took more than 1500 photographs to document our experience.

Sharing Our Favorite Photos

The Southern Africa Showcase 2017 living space (seen below at right) feature seventeen of our favorite pictures from the trip.

Southern Africa Showcase Living Space View #1

Included are a mix of animal photos, landscape shots and pictures of the general surroundings we encountered.

We have so many good images to share that we plan to update the living space regularly.

By doing so, we want to make it much like a real art gallery, with rotating exhibitions.

We know that many of you have exciting pictures of vacations or other family activities that you could showcase in a similar way.

Southern Africa Showcase Living Space View #2

Southern Africa Showcase Living Space View #2

It is our sincere hope that this article inspires you do to sign up for a free Egowall account and do exactly that.

Once you have created it (them?), share the link(s) for your showcase(s) in the comments below and on other social media platforms.

It's time to let the whole world see The Real You™.

We hope you will visit our Southern Africa showcase now and again in the future to tell us which photos are your favorites. Please leave comments on the pictures when you drop by.

If you have any questions about the trip itself, just leave a public note or private message in the space and we will be happy to get back in touch with you.

And if you're interested in a different way of exploring the world around you - especially areas that you likely would never otherwise see, we recommend that you check out the offerings at Road Scholar.

NOTE: We have no business relationship with Road Scholar and were not compensated in any way for the comments and recommendations included in this post. We just think they have a great product and treat their customers very well.